Re: 1938 Deportation #galicia

Shalom <sygaa@...>

I suggest that you check information on Zbaszyn. On October 30,
1938, the immortal Emanuel Ringelblum (who was born in Buczacz)
was sent by the JDC in Warsaw to supervise the efforts to help the
Polish Jews expelled >from Germany. Zbaszyn was the town where they
were concentrated. I suggest you Google Zbaszyn and you will find
the text of a letter that Ringelblum sent plus a great deal of
other information.

Shalom Bronstein, Jerusalem, Israel

Peter Bein <thinkbig@...> wrote:

During the last week of October 1938, many German Jews of Polish
origin were forced by the Nazis to leave their homes, and were
deported to Poland.

My grandmother Malka BEIN who lived in Leipzig, Germany, at the
time, was one of those unfortunate victims who somehow ended up
in Gorlice, Poland, her birthplace. This was a journey of many
hundreds of miles. How did she get there?

I am interested to find out what happened to these deportees (who
numbered in the thousands) in the days following their
deportation. Is there any record of how they made their way >from
here to there? Is it known who helped them make their journey?

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