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Boaz Lasky <boazlas@...>

In my humble opinion, the site is truly admirable
and can serve only as a positive model to others. "Ken Yirbu!"

Although obviously smaller than the vast jewishgen database, the
Krotman "extended" tree in fact goes one step further than the FTJP
tree on jewishgen: Instead of many parallel trees, separate trees have
been merged into one giant family tree project. One can only
appreciate the effort that must have gone into checking for
duplicates, merging individuals and researching the links and loop
connections that exist, especially in the South African branches.
(This is something of an utopian vision of the future for jewishgen's
FTJP, if they had the budget and the researchers to handle the task of
combining all the separate contributed trees, into one huge linked

This is the age-old debate. Do we jealously guard our genealogical
data to make sure no one sees it but our immediate family? Or do we
make it available to anyone who is interested, and freely cooperate to
supplement each other's efforts and information?

The webmaster at writes that "the extended tree is a
co-operative project and the result of research by numerous
contributors". I don't think he has to divulge the names of his
contributors if he doesn't wish to, or if his contributors have
requested to remain confidential. I also wrote to him when I found a
distant branch of my family on the tree. His reply was both
informative and discreet.

It looks to me as if the Krotman tree is just as confidential as the
jewishgen FTJP as he too has not included details of living persons.

I have not been appointed to be the public defender of Mr Krotman or
his website but I would like to recommend the following articles from
rootsweb: and

Boaz Lasky

On 7/28/05, Beryl. B <> wrote:
Re the Message >from Boaz Lasky re Good family
tree site.

After I read Baruch Krotman's website referred to by Boaz Lasky, at least a
year ago, I
noticed not only the whole of my family tree but also
the family trees of many South Africans to whom I
am definately not related. I spoke to a few of the
people listed who are also living in Israel, as I am,
and we decided to contact Baruch Krotman,
as none of the families whom I spoke to, including my family are related to
I don't know >from where he is getting his information
as he will not tell one. But if you see your name on his tree and believe
that you are not related, you must contact him immediately. He may reply
and say that if your name is on his tree then we must be related. Then if
you ask him >from where he got your details, he will
not be able to tell you.

I would regard this as a general warning to all people
who put Family Trees on the website thinking that it
is a wonderful idea. It is not - and one must be very
careful when advertising their family tree on the World
Wide Web! If you want to have your family tree lodged
there is Jewishgen and Beit Hatefutsoth who will
keep them confidential.

Beryl Baleson

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