South Africa SIG #SouthAfrica Re: Good family tree site #southafrica

Gary Blumsohn

The Krotman site is highly problematic, for a number of reasons, both
practical and ethical. Here are a couple (not an exhaustive list) of

1) Data that I put together was forwarded to the site-owner by someone to
whom I had sent a copy of the tree that I put together. The information was
then put on the web, with a number of errors. There are thus known errors
in the information on the web -- information found there cannot be trusted.
When I pointed this out to the site-owner, he offered to correct the errors,
but since the information was sent without my permission, and added to the
site without my permission, I have no intention of sending a list of
corrections. Suffice it to say that if the data isn't being checked as it's
put in (and if the site owner isn't keeping track of which information comes
from what source - as he claimed when I asked who had submitted the data),
there's a real problem.

2) People's personal information is being added to the site without their
permission. I asked to have my name deleted >from the website a couple of
months ago. It has not been done. I know that I am not the only one in
this situation. People living in the US and in Israel, where anti-semitism
is generally not something that we worry about daily, need to be aware that
Jews living in other countries may not be so fortunate, and may not want a
Google search of their name to turn up an extensive Jewish family tree.
Putting this sort of information on the web without the express permission
of at least those people who are living (and, by the way, the Krotman site
has some incorrect information about who is alive and who is not) may cause
unncessary problems for those involved.

Gary Blumsohn
West Orange, NJ

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