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May I have my sixpence worth in this conversation?

All or most of us in this SA SIG Group originated
if not >from small town communities, then >from the
larger Cities of Southern Africa.

I would therefore like to suggest that we
start a project where people >from the same towns form
groups and contribute
material of their lives in these towns which comprised
Family life; Jewish Education; Youth Movement
involvement (if any); Shul Community etc. to one
central "body". Hopefully this particular project can
be printed in book form!

Unfortunately we cannot get together in person for
meetings due to our distance, so this will have to be done
through the computer. I can suggest though, that any Capetonian
living in Israel wishing to form a group for this reason, to be
held in my home, is welcome to come to me for such a working-meeting.

Perhaps some other South Africans >from other large towns now living in
could form a group in his/her home of "landsleit" and so work on the
project together.
(It is always better to work on a project in a group than on one's
own. I cannot talk for England, U.S.A. Australia and Europe as distances
are greater than in Israel.) I personally have a good
Cape Town reference library as well as a book of street names and
maps of Cape Town and its surrounding suburbs.

Please not to forget that we already have Manfred Schwartz's very
article on East London as well as the Rhodesias.
Besides that we hope to have an extract of Richard Newman's
contribution on Namibia and Stan Hart's contribution on
Durban. I do believe that we in fact do have an article on
Bloemfontein on the web.

Perhaps the South African Jewish Genealogy Groups in
South Africa would like to join us in this project.

This project could add another perspective to our SA SIG.
But to be succesful we all have to decide whether we want to work
as small groups spread out all over the world with one aim.

I am prepared to act as liason until this matter can be properly
worked out and am prepared to send out a short News Bulletin
on our progress. But without the co-operation of all members, this
work will never be accomplished.

Looking forward to hearing >from you all.

Beryl Baleson

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