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Go to the Roeland Street Archives and the Genealogy center at the
Gardens Schul.

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Subject: [safrica] What is possible to research in Cape Town???

Hi all,
I am planning a business trip to Cape Town and was considering taking a
there to do some research while. I was hoping some of you might be
able to
tell me where I might go and what might be possible to achieve.

My South Africa research is centered around my ggf, Harry Rubenstein,
emigrated >from Courland (Latvia) with his wife to Philadelphia USA in
According to my family, Harry travelled several times >from Philadelphia
South Africa, apparently to work in the Orange Free State. Many in the
family suspect he may have also had family there - which is not unlikely
given the large number of Courlanders that came to Safrica.

At any rate, will I be able to easily search arrival records for him
and if
so where and how would I approach this best? Are there any other
that might be worth checking as well?

Adam Eisen
Stockholm, Sweden

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