South Africa SIG #SouthAfrica Rivlin families in Johannesburg and Benoni #southafrica

Jules Feldman

According to the Rivlin Genealogy "Sefer HaYachas leMishpachat Rivlin" that
was published in Jerusalem in 1940 there were then residing in Johannesburg
the brothers Rivlin
Dr. Yehuda Leib Rivlin and Dr. Israel Rivlin
The Rivlin family lived in Boisk and then Riga
Of Yehuda Leib (also known as Arye Leib) we know that he lived at some stage
in Kharkov (perhaps he qualified there?)
Of Israel we know that he studied in Frankfurt and then London.
In the SA Jewish
I found Leib Rivlin buried in Westpark and Dr Israel and Judith Rivlin
buried in Benoni.
I will be grateful to anyone who can provide more information on the
brothers and put me in touch with their families.

I want to use this opportunity to inform those who may be connected that
there is planned for 2009 in Jerusalem a gathering of the Rivlin tribe. In
the last gathering in 1980 there were over 2000 persons present.

Jules Feldman
Yizreel, Israel

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