South Africa SIG #SouthAfrica Familes from the Old Yishuv in South Africa. #southafrica

Jules Feldman

Many Thanks to all the members of the SA-SIG who contacted me about the
Rivlins who lived in Johannesburg and Benoni and are buried there .
Unfortunately no one as yet has put me on the tracks of their children but
my experience is that a message in the archives of a SIG may eventually be
picked up by some one with information.

In Jerusalem or the 3 other "holy cities" - Safed, Hebron and Tiberias ,
there was a community known as the Old Yishuv ie who preceded the modern
Zionist immigration to Israel. There were members of these families who
migrated over the years , particularly before and after World War One, to
South Africa.
I am interested in records and family traditions about these families. The
Old Yishuv was relatively small and many of the families of the Old Yishuv
were related to one another.

Jules Feldman

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