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Roger Harris <rwsh@...>

Sunday 13th November 2005.

Dear Group,

I found the following two book descriptions in the catalogue pages of a book
published in 1930 and wondered whether they had any relevance to the
Jewish experience in South Africa. If so then they could be included in
the list of books on the Safrica bibiliography page at

Please let me know your views.

Author of both: Pauline Smith

The Beadle - Novel of South Africa
"A story of great beauty, and told with simplicity and tenderness that
makes it linger in the memory. It is a notable contribution to the
of the day." Morning Post.

The Little Karoo - Stories of South Africa. With an introduction by Arnold
Bennett. "Nothing like this has been written since Olive Schreiner and her
'Story of an African Farm' took the literary world by storm." The Daily

Kind regards,

Roger Harris.

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