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Hi Everyone

My name is Graham Lewis emailing >from London, and I'm new to the SA
discussion group.

I wonder if anyone recognises or has any connection with the following
family (mine) >from Lithuania:

3 brothers, sons of Wolff and Sarah (surname perhaps LOURIE, LIURIA, LIURIE
or similar), left Lithuania possibly Shavl (Siauliai) in abt 1895:

1. Isaac LEWIS (Yitzchak Nissen b. Zev) (c.1863 - 1939) married
Shayna (Jane) nee Landsman (c.1865-1945)
Children: Solomon, Sarah, Max, Bertha, Esther, Rachel
Solomon (my gf) born 1887 in Shavl (Siauliai). Married Eva Goldberg.
Died 1973 London.
Family came to England c.1896 and settled in Manchester.
They used the name LEWIS on arrival. Original name unknown.

2. Abraham LAURIER (1869 - c.1936) born in Gordz (Gargzdai) married Berthe
nee Alstadter (born 1872 Ibaraz)
Children: Leon Galomz (born 1896 Paris); Isaac Jacob (1899 Hull); Sarah
Rebecca (1901 Manchester); Rachel (1903 Paris); Celine Lea (1906 Paris)
They came to Paris, France in 1895. Naturalised French in 1910.
They used the name LAURIER in France, but the children born in England had
spelling LURIE and LOURIE

3. Third brother, name unknown, understood went to South Africa.

I'm trying to pin down where the family came >from and the original name.
Finding info on the 3rd bro who went to SA may help.

Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.

Kind regds

Graham Lewis
London, UK.

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