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Goeie (n)aand Julle!!!!

Does nobody want to know about the Chader in Johannesburg? I went to the
Bernard PATLEY Chader, which was attached to the Yeoville Shul. The
Headmaster was a Mr. SHATCHIN and the teachers (those I remember) were Bella
AARON (later GOLUBCHIK), Solly WEINBERG (>from Cape Town) and Mr. SHATCHIN.
I remember a few of the "children" but am not listing them as I am not sure
if that would be off the topic. I attended the Chader >from 1961 (which is
the year I arrived in S.Africa >from Dublin, Ireland) until 1964. It was a

Anne Lapedus Brest (ex Dublin, Ireland, Sandton South Africa
researching LAPEDUS (Vieksniai, Lithuania), KAHN (Vieksniai, Lithuania)
KARLIN (Zagera, Lithuania) MARCUS (Ackmene, Lithuania) KLAPMAN (Ackmene,
Lithuania) , ORKIN (Zagera, Lithuania) ORKIN ( Yaneshik/Yoniskis)
Lithuania, MIRRELSON (Kourland, Latvia and Kurshan, Lithuania) S(C)HILLMAN
(Kreutzburg/Krustpils, Latvia) BREST (Bauska, Latvia) NOVGOROD
(Yaneshik/Joniskis , Alte Zagera, Lithuania) CHEIN (Zagera), CHAVKIN

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