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Beryl. B <balden@...>

I feel that I must congratulate as well as thank Mike
Getz for the beautiful articles which he wrote on
The Woodstock - Salt River Jewish Community
together with his report on The Woodstock - Salt River
Jewish Community's Centenary.

To those of us who lived in Cape Town, the articles
written by Mike not only typified the Jewish family
of that area, but all the Jewish families in Cape Town
as a whole. Growing up in the 1930's; 1940's and 1950's
in Cape Town and its environs was a very special period
that will never be forgotten and memories will last forever.

Once again, thanks Mike for these two beautiful articles
which brought both tears and smiles - and of course not to
forget our grandparents and parents for the sacrifices that were
made by them so that we had the best that they could give us.

Beryl Baleson

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