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Stan Hart <stanhart@...>

The only names close to any of the spellings listed by Beryl for any Pichols
buried in any cemetery in SA seems to be the following:-

Johannesburg - West Park PIKHOLZ HENIA 15/11/1981

Johannesburg - West Park PIKHOLZ HERSCH LEIB 10/06/1973

The dates are way out >from what was requested.
Sorry, seems like we hit a brick wall.

Stan Hart
Durban SA


Subject: Birth record - 1894
From: "Beryl. B" <balden@...>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 04:48:16 +0200

Can someone give me some direction as to whom I should
approach regarding Morris Pichols who was born in 1894
in the Cape Colony.
(The name could of course be spelt in different
ways i.e. Pickholz; Pikholz; Pickholc or Pickholtz).

I am particularly interested in identifying his parents and any
siblings, their origins, descendants and graves.

There are no records at the Archives.


Beryl Baleson

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