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Dear Russel,
I think I know the family.... my family too.
I will reread your letter after our Pesach guests leave as they have the
sofabed in the computer room........
In a word Yesorsky. Lily Bernstein m ??? Yesorsky a reverend/schochet and
they lived in Bulawayo.
Daughter Marilyn lives I am told in Cape Town.There is also Judy and a son.
M is the oldest and would be late 60s, others maybe late 50's.
If I knew her married name I too would contact her.

I need to check my notes but I am fairly sure her mother was Lily Bernstein.

Ros Romem
nee Abrahams

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Dear JewishGenners
Having drawn a blank in Latvia (no records exist for 1879), spoken to
every living relative, have trawled every page on the SAfrica SIG and many
of the linked resources and still have no solid leads to work on, so I am
turning to this group for some Idea's

I am looking for information about our South African BERNSTEIN family.
They originated in Dvinsk/DAUGAVPILS, Latvia.

Perets and Lily Bernstein >from Latvia had at least one son who went to
England around 1900. Hyman BERNSTEIN (1879-1943) he married Yetta and had
3 children Percy, Rachel Leah and Bernard.

Another son born went to South Africa (via England), we know that this
brother was married (not sure if in UK or SA) we also know that the family
where still in South Africa in the early 50's this is the family we are
trying to locate.

Did the Jewish immigrants in SA live in communities or have burial
societies >from the old country similar to other worldwide communities, if
so do records exist?

Where do I go >from here? I am considering writing to every BERNSTEIN in
the South African phone book! unless anyone can give me other avenues to
explore first. .

Russell Vaughan

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