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Dear Russell,

Welcome to the SIG. Just a reminder - most of the worlds' published
material is not on the internet. Yes, a lot of genealogically relevant
records are being placed on the web, but don't rely solely on that.

Get to a library! There are standard resources and techniques that
family history hunters use to search for information about relatives.
Start by reading a few books about how to research your family history
- that will get you on the right path. Genealogy for Dummies actually
is an excellent book. In addition, there are books, as well as
countless on-line articles about how to hunt for ancestors in specific
geographic locations and ethnic groups. The Jewish Gen web sites offer
several such articles, as does the Mormon site,,
CyndisList, etc. Study up on the history of the era you wish to
explore, too.

Some standard resources include old city directories, telephone books,
census records, vital records indices, newspaper indices, who's who,
and necrology files. The Mormons' lending library of international
records was invaluable in my search. A good reference librarian can
assist you.

good luck - Pat


Subject: Help with Idea's?
From: "russell" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 01:05:48 +0200

Dear JewishGenners
Having drawn a blank in Latvia (no records exist for 1879), spoken to
living relative, have trawled every page on the SAfrica SIG and many of
linked resources and still have no solid leads to work on, so I am
to this group for some Idea's

........ Where do I go >from here? I am considering writing to every
South African phone book! unless anyone can give me other avenues to
first. .

Russell Vaughan

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