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Arlene Beare <arl@...>

I have been away and have missed out on this discussion. I cannot
understand your statement Russel that you have drawn a blank in your
Latvia search and that no records exist for 1879. There is a large
Dvinsk Database in the Jewishgen Latvia Database. If you are a
Contributor to Jewishgen you can do an Advanced search which brings
up 7 Bernsteins with their age in1882.
There were also many Bernsteins in Bauska and other places. The
Courland Enlistment Registers for 1845-1874 have 91 names. You must
widen your search and not restrict yourself to Dvinsk.
As this is the case if you requested a search >from the Archivists at
the Latvian State Historical Archives I am sure they would be able to
find data on your family.
I suggest that you write to them at and give as
much detail on your family names and dates as possible.
Arlene Beare

Dear JewishGenners
Having drawn a blank in Latvia (no records exist for 1879), spoken to
living relative, have trawled every page on the SAfrica SIG and many of
linked resources and still have no solid leads to work on, so I am
to this group for some Idea's

........ Where do I go >from here? I am considering writing to every
South African phone book! unless anyone can give me other avenues to
first. .

Russell Vaughan

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