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Ruth Coman <ruth.coman@...>

Yael Goetzler asked about a friend of her mother's called Erika Lustig "from
Vienna, born in 1921 or 1922..... had a sister called Ilse (unfortunately
found her in the victims list) same with her mother Lustig Selma and
grandparents Gottlieb. Erika's parents separated and the father took Erika
to Brno and later to Prague. My mother has no idea if there was anyone left
from this family. I found a microfilm of a newspaper where the name Erika
Lustig appeared as a surviver >from Theresienstadt..........."

The Terezin Memorial Book of Jewish victims >from Bohemia and Moravia,
Terezinska Pametni Kniha, shows Erika Lustig as a survivor of Transport DG
from Brno to Theresienstadt on 1 July 1943. Of the 60 people transported,
24 survived to liberation in 1945. Unfortunately there was no other Lustig
on this transport so no evidence of what happened to her father.

Ruth Coman
London, England
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