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Alexander Friedlander

For what this is worth, my brother (Canadian passport) and I (USA passport), I
have been in S. Africa twice this year, most recently in June. On neither
occasion was any comment made regarding our citizenship, neither when we arrived
nor when we left. I left SA in 1977, my brother in 1993.

I am not a lawyer, but I do specialize in written communication; I thus read the
press release on the indicated website
( as referring only to those
who hold dual citizenship. The second and final paragraphs of this release are
explicit on this point.

Now if you look at the Act itself (), it repeals section 9 of Act 88 of 1995. The repealed section 9 refers to SA citizens who "ALSO [hold] the citizenship of another country". (emphasis added)

Finally, the site below (referenced in an earlier email, but referring to a
different newsletter) refers to the change in the law and describes this change
as affecting dual citizenship holders:

Alexander Friedlander

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