Re: Tips for Archival Research #galicia

Connie Fisher Newhan

Dear Karen,

You've written an absolutely wonderful post and reminder to us all.
Behave well and with basic courtesies - how hard can that be?

Best Regards,
Connie Fisher Newhan (#1272)
California, USA
FISHER/FISCHER/FISZER, FISZEL (Warszawa& Bedzin, Poland),
Poland), GERSTEN (Obertyn, Galacia) BARSKA/BARSKY/BARSKIY (Odessa),
GOLDBERG (Sokolka?), FELDMAN (Veliuona,Kaunas), CAHN (Koln),
FRIEDSAM (Bodendorf, Coln? Germany, Pittsburgh, PA),
NEWHAN/NEUHAN/NEUHAHN (Hesse Cassel, Meimbressen, Germany,
Baltimore, MD), BOHORODCZANER (Potok Zloty, Ukraine), LEVINE, BLUM,

Karen Roekard wrote:

<<Last Sunday (6/28/09) I gave a talk entitled: Warsaw, Jerusalem,
Lvov: Adventures in Archiveland and Beyond, in which I described
(in an interesting way) how to use different archives and how to
integrate the esoteric material you find....

I pointed out that as a human, as the child of a Chassidish-valued
home with a Holocaust (refugee) Survivor father, I learned the
importance of acknowledging anyone who helps me and/or behaves as
my Rebbe, my teacher - to give them credit; that no one has to do
anything to help me even if it is their job; that I must express
my gratitude...>>

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