Lemberg/Lwow/Lvov 1849/1853 Cadastral Map on the Gesher Galicia Map Room #austria-czech

Pamela Weisberger

Gesher Galicia is pleased to announce the first cadastral map of
Lemberg/Lwow/Lvov to be posted in our Cadastral Map Room:


A complete cadastral map of the city of Lemberg surveyed 1849 and
lithographed in 1853. A very clear and beautiful full-color cadastral
map, showing this gem of the Austrian Empire already developed with
many of the streets and significant buildings still visible today. The
city center is ringed by numbered quarters and well-built named
neighborhoods, including at least three known Jewish districts. All
buildings and land parcels are numbered. Labeled on the map are two
synagogues and almost two dozen churches and monasteries, major Jewish
and Christian cemeteries, military and other imperial facilities,
theaters, parks, schools, and more, with many named streets and

Researchers and historians might want to take note of the following
observations which compare old Lemberg to present-day Lviv, provided
by GG map room coordinator, Jay Osborn:

- the Rathaus (city hall, still in use), listed as building #1, in the
Ring Platz (today's market square or rynek)

- the river Pelterv (Poltva), still running through the city today but
completely covered since the early 20th century

- the Israeliten Spital (Jewish hospital, also known as the Rappaport
hospital today) #2125, WNW of the town center

- the large old Jewish cemetery #5106 just behind the Jewish hospital
(today a large open market)

- the synagogue #2633, beside the fish market; destroyed in WWII, it
is memorialized in today's Staryi Rynok (Old Market Square)

- the Golden Rose synagogue probably #259 but unlabeled, just ESE of
the rynek; destroyed in WWII but surviving today as a ruin

- the adjacent synagogue #367, today an empty square behind the armory building

- Judenplatz (Jewish Square), Judengasse (Jewish Street) and
Wechslergasse (Moneychanger Street), all southeast of the rynok around
the synagogue above

- the Ossolinski Library (Ossolineum) #520 southwest of the town
center, today the Stefanyk Library

- the Map Archive (!) #80 (no longer extant), just west of the rynek
(market square)

- the Citadelle, today an archive and prominent military ruin above
the city on a hill SSW of the town center, curiously blank of
buildings and roads on the map; perhaps it was mapped on a separate
sheet now lost, or perhaps it was blank for reasons of military

- buildings are block-numbered in the city center, making it easy to
associate neighboring residences and offices; this suggests a
re-numbering of the city properties not long before this map was made

- Serbengasse (Serbian Street) in the city center was renamed after
1853 for the 16th-century Moscow/Lwow printer Ivan Federov; oddly, the
adjacent former Blechergasse (Tinsmith Street, also a Germanic family
name) is now named Serbska

- separate large facilities for care of the deaf and the blind were
located east of the city center, near the military hospital and a
German hospital

- a very large brewery is shown near the northeast edge of the map; a
smaller one is shown near the southeast edge

- there are statues drawn on the map in some of the downtown squares!

Thanks to Jay Osborn for stitching together this map and Natalie Dunai
for sourcing it.

Pamela Weisberger
President, Gesher Galicia
Map Room home page: http://maps.geshergalicia.org

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