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This is a possibility hanging by a thread of hope .
My Gparents in London used to visit Friedmans (any
spelling). We don't know where the relationship was...ABRAMOWICH or SHERMAN.
But as they came via Vilna >from Rokiskis I thought it was worth a try.
GF grew up in Rokiskis and GM probably not very far away. Research has not
turrned up anything on her.
Just a thought. Could you comment please

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Shalom Everyone,
I have been following this thread also. I am researching my
daughter-in-laws family, and this is what I have.
Simon (Osiah Jacob) NOLL b.1872 in Seduva married in 1899 Oudtshoorn,
South Africa Etta (Esther) Rabinowitz b.1874 in Kelme,
Etta's brother was Nachman Rabinowitz, who had a son Rueven Rabinowitz,
who changed his name to Richard Robinson'he married Sarah (Sally)Schocher
(furniture people).
Rita Friedman, Israel

Researching NOLL Seduva & South Africa, RABINOWITZ Kelme, South Africa,
SINGER Lipniski, Belarus, (was once Lithuania), London, England, Chicago,
USA. RUDASZEWSKI, Nemencine and Vilna, Litha, FRIEDMAN Dokshitz, Belarus
and Rokiskis, Litha.

I've been watching this thread with interest.

My grandmother's sister, Ruchel Leibowitz, married Louis (Lepa)
Her family lived in Kelme, Lithuania, and presumably, so did his family.
Louis was the youngest of six or seven children, but I have no further
information about them. Louis and Ruchel went to South Africa at some
point, living
there at least long enough for two children to be born, before coming to
US in 1906. In the U.S., the family name was changed, by different
members, to Rubin, Rubins and Robins. For what it is worth, Ruchel's
mother's maiden name was Grusinsky, and part of the Grusinsky family (who
their name to Grusin at some point) settled in South Africa, where they

Any connections? Thanks in advance.

Carol Kunkis Cohn
Newport Beach, CA

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