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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

One of things that I realized today is that many of you are not that
computer literate. When you are given instructions on how to find
something, you may not really understand how to follow through.

Not only that, your PC may not have adequate or the most up-to-date software
to accomplish the kind of searches that the new databases can do for you.

I tested this out at my local JGS (Jewish Genealogy Society) meeting today
and found it to be oh so true.

What I suggest is that you use the resources of your local JGS to learn how
to utilize these new databases. There are always people who belong who are
familiar with just how to locate information on the Internet. Someone who
can show you in person is the most helpful.

Otherwise, when you ask questions about how to do something in a post to
this digest, please try and put exactly where you are having the difficulty.

Some of us are so used to doing things automatically when searching that we
forget all the little issues or mistakes that might crop up when beginners
or newbys are trying to do research.

All the best,
Ann Rabinowitz

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