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Arlene Beare <arl@...>

Birth registration in South Africa was not enforced prior to 1902.
This information was sent to me >from the Home Office in Pretoria when
I tried to get a Birth certificate prior to that date. I do not think
you have any hope of getting one for 1860.
Arlene Beare

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Subject: birth certificates for 19th c. South Africa
From: ellieweld <ellieweld@...>

A number of years ago I tried to find out how to get a birth
certificate for my grandmother, who was born in Cape Town about
1860. I believe someone told me that such certificates were not
available for 19th-century South Africa, but I'm not really sure
about it or what the reason was. Could someone tell me whether this
is correct and if so why? I would be very disappointed if it is,
especially as I have recently discovered that my grandmother had two
younger siblings also born in Cape Town in the 1860s -- but then
genealogy is often a series of disappointments!

Ellie Weld

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