Re: Surnames of Children of Second Marriage #galicia

Rafi Guber

Care should be exercised, I believe, in attempting to see legal
practices and the understanding of influence of law in the
Austro-Hungarian Empire the same way "Law" is understood in
America. Anecdotal evidence indicates that this would be even
more true in Galicia than in say Austria proper.

For example a community dominated by Jews either by demographics
or economic influence may well have been treated by local town
magistrates in a very different way than places where Jews were
few and poor. It can be dangerous and misleading to simply say
this was the law and apply it to all communities. Dangerous in
that it may lead to conclusions about family names which may
send the genealogist on a wild goose chase.

I have seen cases were family members were treated as if they
were married in civil law re; vital records, land records etc.
where there is absolutely no proof that the parents had a civil
marriage. In fact in some cases evidence points to the contrary.
My point is simply this - be careful about accepted conventions
and assumptions. I have known people who were involved in
genealogy for years and would not believe that people >from one
town could be related people in another town with the same rare
last names 3 kilometers way, because one town was within the
borders of "their SIG" and the other was not.

We are all served well when we treat the past with an open mind
and not apply constructs - (however necessary and useful these
constructs may be for us) in our time when the past should best
be viewed on its own terms.


Rafi Guber

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