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Jane Moulding

Dear South African genners

I think I have thanked everyone personally for their help in tracing the
above families. Just in case I have left anyone out I would like to take
this opportunity to thank you publicly and to update you on my quest.

Thanks to everyone's kindness in forwarding my request for help I am now in
touch with Simmons relations all over the world.

My Rubinstein relation search has been less successful but I suspect that
they are all somewhere in the USA. (Family lore has it that Max was the
only one to go to South Africa and that his brothers all went to the USA.)
However I have now firmly established that Max Rubinstein was born in
Neustadt, Germany, now Lithuania. My only question now is which Neustadt.
(Please see below.)

Several people have taken the time to photograph Rubinstein graves for me,
photograph houses my grandparents lived in, contact the Chevra Kadisha in
Johannesburg to try to locate Max Rubinstein's grave, trawl through their
databases and search the archives in Pretoria for any more information about
him. I am indebted to you all.

I think that the likely place of origin for Max Rubinstein is Zemaiciu
Naumiestis (Yiddish: Neishtot-Tavrig, previously Neishtot Sugint), formerly
known as Neustadt. This small town lies between Taurage (the county town)
and Silute in western Lithuania. Although Zemaiciu Naumiestis appears more
probable, it is still possible that Max came >from Kudirkos Naumiestis
(Yiddish: Naishtot or Neishtot), formerly known as Wladislawow, and also
formerly known as Neustadt. This town lies on the River Sesupe, the border
between Lithuania and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, not far >from
Vilkaviskis in south-western Lithuania. Was there a particularly strong
tradition of immigration >from one Neustadt as opposed to the other in the
1880s? If it helps, Max was a Russian speaker. The reason I ask this is
that I am hoping to go to Lithuania in September and would like to have a
clearer idea of where to centre my research.

I would be particularly grateful if anyone could recommend a researcher in
Lithuania who might be able to help as I think trying to do anything without
help would be nigh on impossible. If so, please respond to me privately.

Thank you all again for all your help.

Kindest regards

Jane Moulding
Bucks, UK

Researching: GROIECKI/GROUSE - Kolo (Poland), London, Australia, USA & New
Zealand; ISAACS - New Zealand & London; RAPHAEL - London; RAUF/ROLFE - Kolo
& London; RUBINSTEIN - Neustadt (Lithuania), South Africa & USA; SIMMONS -
London, South Africa, USA & Australia

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