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Adrian Freedman

dear genners
I have a great uncle buried in Brooke Street Cemetery in Durban -grave D4
His name was Leon SCHMULIAN (hebrew name Yehuda Leib) died 14/11/1904.
I am trying to ascertain his father's name and hope it is written on
the tomb stone or in the records of the burial society
I am hoping that some kind soul in Durban could possibly contact the
Hevra Kadisha and see if this information is recorded and forward this
on to me.

Likewise my Great Grand Mother Faige Menucha BLUM nee' SCHMULIAN
(Leon's sister) is buried in Braamfontein cemetery in Johannesburg
-grave no 1827
Perhaps some one in Johannesburg could phone the hevra kadisha and see
if her fathers and or mothers name is recorded by the burial society
I would greatly appreciate this help.
My e mail is attie.f@...

With best wishes for the New Year

looking for
BLUM Zagare Dublin South Africa
SCHMULIAN Zagare South Africa
FREEDMAN Lithuania Dublin South Africa (Bloemfontein and district)
LEVY Drobian Memel Johannesburg SA
KAPLAN Karsenai Johannesburg

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