Re: name "Isser" - is this a diminutive of "Yissacher"? #galicia

A. Krauss <avkrauss@...>

You are quite right about 'Isser' being a Yiddish form of
'Yisroel.' On the other hand, it is/was not used for 'Yissachar.'
'Ber' and its various forms (Berisch, Ber'l, Berek) is/was common
for Yissachar. Also, Sochor, Sucher, etc. are shortened Yiddish
versions of 'Yissachar."

Avrohom Krauss
Telz-Stone Israel

Karen Roekard wrote:

I have been told that in Russia, "Isser" was the diminutive for
"Israel" or "Yisroel." I have a list of people >from Galicia and on
it there are both the name "Isser" and "Israel" but no
"Yissacher". This began me thinking and wondering if "Isser"
is/was used in the Galizaianer world as the diminutive for
"Yissacher." Any thoughts??

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