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There was a Rabbi Abraham Frederick Ornstein at the Great Synagogue in Cape
Town SA

In the book 'The Birth of a Community" by Prof Israel Abrahams I learned
that he was the 3d minister to be appointed to the Cape Town Hebrew
Congregation, arriving there in 1882.
He was born in London in 1836, and prior to this had served as a Minister
in the Antipodes, and had been a teacher at the Jews Free School in London.
In 1866 he was appointed Minister to the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation.
He held several other posts as teacher and headmaster and Minister in as
many different cities and countries prior to his posting to Cape Town.

I could not find a Rabbi Valentine in the index but the book refers only to
the Cape Province.

Ros Romem

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Subject: Re: Henriques Valentine
From: "Keira Lockyer" <keira.lockyer@...>
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 18:57:32 +1100

There was a Rabbi ORNSTEIN who went >from Melbourne to South Africa.
Is this the man you mean?

Keira in Victoria, Australia

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Subject: Henriques Valentine
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Hello List,

This my first visit to the list and I am hoping someone can help my

I am looking for the family of surname Henriques Valentine - or enriques
a middle name. I understand that there was a Rabbi of this name who went
from either Australia or England to South Africa in the late 1800's.
Jane (nee Herman) >from NSW Australia
Researching Henriques Valentine, Mendoza, Levy, Harris, Herman from
Poland/Russia, Ornstien

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