The IAJGS cemetery site has moved and has far more information #galicia

Kitty Munson Cooper

The IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project site has moved
from jewishgen to the site.

It is now within a JOOMLA content management system so we expect
to be able to more easily keep it up to date. Please check over
the information for your towns and let us know if any corrections
are needed. Perhaps even donate a photo of the cemetery if you
have one.

Thanks to our project manager Ellen Renck, Germany project
leader Peter Strauss and our marvelous hard working editors Jason
Hallgarten, Joachim Mugdan, Fritz Neubauer, Eva Radding, H Peter
Sinclair, and Jeri Steele for making this new site a reality.

Kitty Cooper, IAJGS cemetery project webmaster
family site at

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