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Michelle Essers

I am leaving for SA in 2 days. I will only be in CT for 2 working days
and then off to Jhb. I am trying to plan my CT time as effectively as

I am such an ignoramus on genealogy research still. I need advice
about using LDS centres.

I have not found information on either my Jewish or non-Jewish
families on the LDS internet site. The internet site seems to only
have the information on my families that I have posted. (or perhaps I
am not using the site correctly???)

1. Is ALL the LDS data available on their internet site?
2. If not, does each centre hold different materials/data?
3. If so, then is it recommended that I go to both the CT and JHb
centres, and perhaps the Pretoria centre as well (seeing as I am going
to the archives there)?
4. Are they likely to hold additional documents to the SA archives? I
cant find naturalization or death/estate documents for my grandparents
on NAAIRS. could LDS possibly have these documents if they are not on
the NAAIRS system?

Many thanks for your help


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