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Was Morris Alexander married more than once? I am pretty sure I remember his
widow as Enid Alexander.


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I happened upon an interesting entry in the 1901 British Census, for 1
Chatham Place, Ramsgate, Kent, England. The couple who lived at that
address were Samuel and Katie Levene, ages 33 and 43 respectively, >from
London. He was a schoolmaster and accommodated eleven boarders and one

The visitor was Solomon Schechter, age 33, born Focsani, Rumania, then a
reader at Cambridge University, and the collector of the documents >from
the Cairo Geniza, Jewish educator, and President of the Jewish Theological
Seminary of America. He was the father of Ruth Schechter, who married
Morris Alexander, well-known South African communal activist and attorney
and herself an activist.

Ann Rabinowitz

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