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Dear Friends, I am researching Lazarus Ellis Lewis who left S. Africa after
the failure of the ostrich feather business and came to England about 1935.
Does anyone know anything about him?

On a related question, does anyone know anything about
a business in 1935 called TRUE BROS. "Specialising in Exclusive gowns,
Millinery and Dainty Underwear" 22 Strand Street, Cape Town, S. Africa. I
have an envelope addressed >from them to Mr. E. Lewis who is also Lazarus
Lewis. I am trying to create a persona for him as he was probably an uncle.
I knew him as Uncle Lewis.

I would also be grateful if someone could kindly do a look up and tell me
who lived at 43 Belvedere Avenue, Cape Town, S. Africa in 1937 as we
have an envelope sent >from that address with no letter inside.

With best wishes, Louise (London)
Researching COHEN (Somerset East and Pearston) NATHEN (Pierston) PRINCE,

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