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Hi all,

My great-grandfather Benzion FAERBER came to South Africa >from Tukums,
Latvia in 1896. I found the following record in the 'SA Jews in the Boer
War' database:

'Arrived S.A. 1896 In Service of N.Z.A.S.M. Commandeered on outbreak of war.
On Bridge duty at Vereeniging and later at P.O.Ws of Waterval Bovin. Later sent to
Lourenco Marques on Commissariat duty. On commissariat duty British POW camp,
Watervalbowen, captured'

After his son died recently, we found a medal in an old box which appears to
be a gold-plated 2-shilling piece >from 1897. I've taken some pictures which
can be viewed here:

Can anyone shed any light on what this is? Was it an official medal or is it
some kind of unofficial keepsake? Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Natasha Condon
London, UK

Researching: FAERBER/FERBER >from Tukums (Latvia), WEINBRENN/VAYNBREN and
WANDERMAN/VANDERMANN >from Anyksciai and elsewhere (Lithuania), ROTHSCHILD
and STOCKHAUSEN >from Harmuthsachsen and surroundings (Germany), all of these
names in South Africa also.

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