Re: Herschl Nephtali LEVI/Wottitz - Fleischauer in Strakonice, Bohemia - brother-in-law JOSEPH KAFKA #austria-czech

Amira Kohn-Trattner <amira.kt@...>

Celia Male wrote: "The other siblings of Nephtali and Jonas (all born in
the early 1800s were:

Eva - married to Joseph KAFKA.

According to Anthony Northey's book "Kafka's Relatives", Joseph KAFKA , my
ggggrandfather, married Marie (STEIN), - second marriage. His fifth child
was Jakob KAFKA - Franz KAFKA's grandfather and his 13th son was my
gggrandfather, Leopold KAFKA. According to Northey's book, the KAFKA family
came >from Pisek (documents dating back to the 17th century) and they moved
to Wossek or Osek - in the Strakonitz administrative district.
They were "Fleischers", as my mother said, and according to Northey's book
Jakob Kafka was a "Shochet."

What might be the connection between Nephtali, the Fleischauer in Strakonice
and his sister's Eva husband, Joseph Kafka, who may have been the
Fleischauer in Pisek and Wossek?

As far as I know, Leopold did not work as a butcher. He worked on a "farm",
was a cab (carriage?) driver in Prague and eventually became the proprietor
of the tavern U biliho Iva and this was followed by a number of Cafes under
his management including a Cafe Kafka (I have the milk pitchers >from this

Could someone also tell me who, >from this family may have been listed in the
Census of 1793 and whether they were listed as Fleischauers?
Thank you.

Amira Kohn-Trattner
New York, N.Y.

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