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Dear Beryl,

I hope you don't mind me using your notice to ask if you can possibly help
me trace a relation of my maternal grandmother? Her maiden name was Rachel
Kirchner (spelling according to my mother's birth certificate) and lived in
the East End of London. During World War II and some time after, she
received gift parcels of either fresh fruit or bottles of wine >from South
Africa but, being very young myself at the time, I did not think of
enquiring >from whom she got them. My theory is that it was a brother or
cousin. When I was in Cape town last December with my wife and family
celebrating our 50th. Wedding Anniversary, I took the opportunity of
contacting the Jewish Museum and the University of Cape Town (Bobby
Eldridge), but they were unable to unearth this relation. One of my cousins
in the U.K. says he believes my grandmother came >from Riga, hence my
enquiry to you. I look forward to hearing >from you.

Kind Regards,
Alan Kutner
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Subject: Riga Latvia search
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Date: Fri, 07 Aug 2009 18:03:13 +0300

This notice was in the Cape Jewish Chronicle and passed onto me -
so am passing it on to South African Members of the SA SIG who live
out of South Africa.

Beryl Baleson

Appeal for Information for a Project on the Jews of Latvia

The activity of "Shamir" is aimed at commemorating the memory of Latvian

Our most significant project is a Latvian Jewish Encyclopedia which gathers
information about all the Jews connected to Latvia. It will be a memorial
for the Latvian Jews,
who do not exist now.

We have already gathered more than 2,500 biographic and thematic entries
which is half of the proposed amount. It covers the period >from 1561 to

We are looking for Jews originally >from Latvia, but living abroad.

If you have any information about such people in your area and archives,
please contact Victoria Shaldova, executive director of the Jewish
"Shamir", Riga, Latvia.

Religious Community "Shamir"

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