Re: Town of Nowa Grobla #galicia

Alexander Sharon

Scott Horwitz wrote;

Has anyone ever seen any information on a town with this name?
There is nothing in the JRI-Poland index. The town appears on a
map of current Poland and there is a small entry in Wikipedia and is near Borchow.

It as listed as the town that my gg-grandfather is >from on one of
the family birth records, but I can find literally no information.
Nowa Grobla was a small Polish-Ukrainian village - it lists 469
residents in 1870 and 550 during the interwar period (1921 census).

The town was located in the Jaroslaw district of Lwow Province,
very close to the railroad line Jaroslaw - Rawa Ruska.

The main village landlord was Count Zygmunt Zamoyski, scion of
the one of mightier Polish magnate families.

Zamoyski was also owner of the local saw mill(s) and most
probably your ancestor was an employee of Zamoyski's business or
other landlords (granaries) since in the village ten Jewish souls
are recorded (WOWW source).

You cannot locate this shtetl in Jewish Records Indexing-Poland
database as Jewish community was probably too small even to
assemble a minyan.

My suggestion is to search for the records in nearby large Jewish
towns: Oleszyce is located less than six miles distance >from Nowa
Grobla, and towns Wielkie Oczy and Lubaczow are also situated in
the vicinity.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF Editor

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