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Karol Schlosser asked about Bukacowce, Bukazowera and Buhazoweza:

I assume that they all refer to the town of Bukachevtsy, now in
Ukraine. When the town was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire,
then Poland, and finally the Soviet Union, it was known as
Bukaczowce but pronounced as Bukachevitz by the Jewish residents.
After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the town, now in Ukraine,
became known as Bukachevtsy.

It is near Ivano-Frankivsk, formerly known as Stanislaw, and the
larger town of Rohatyn. It is 82 km southeast of Lviv, latitude
49 15, longitude 24 30.

You can learn much more about the town at the JewishGen
ShtetLinks site at

Linda Cantor
Bukachevtsy webmaster

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