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Muizenberg - The Shtetl by the Sea

Many ex-Muizenbergers and friends of Muizenberg generously contributed
memoirs and photographs to the Memories of Muizenberg Exhibition
currently on at the Jewish Museum in Cape Town, but many did not
respond at the time and may have more than a few regrets.
Now Hedy Davis, Chief Researcher on that Project, Editor of the
comprehensive photo caption document detailing over 1250 images
received and the Co-ordinator of the exhibition text, is engaged in
writing a book, tentatively titled, "The Shtetl by the Sea". It will
incorporate much of the material that it was not possible to include
in the Exhibition, the many wonderful memoirs received with the
permission of those who sent them in, and historical research into the
Jewish Community of Muizenberg in which she is currently engaged.
There is great interest in the early beginnings of the vibrant village
that Muizenberg became, and particulars of when grandparents and
parents arrived there, are urgently required. Information about
everyday life is sought, describing how the village annually changed
from the bustling premier holiday resort in South Africa to a quiet
community where life went on regardless in the off season. It is in
recording the smallest details of that way of life, that we ensure a
treasure house of stories is not lost to future generations.
All those who have not submitted their memoirs are invited to do so to or alternately to Hedy Davis, P.O. Box 909,
Wendywood, South Africa, 2144.

Hedy Davis
South Africa

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