South Africa SIG #SouthAfrica Corrections to the Muizenberg article of 14 May 2010 #southafrica

hedy davis <hedy.davis@...>

The article, mentioned in a recent message to the SA SIG, is titled
'Memories of Muizenberg', the official title of the comprehensive Exhibition
being held, not at the Albow Center as is mistakenly stated, but at the
Jewish Museum in the Gardens, Cape Town, until 11 June 2010. Thereafter
it will transfer to the RHCC, at the Great Park Synagogue, Johannesburg
during August. A short Youtube presentation composed of views of the
Exhibition and interviews, may be seen by visiting -

As the Chief Researcher, Historian and compiler of the text for the
Exhibition, I would like to correct a few other misconceptions in the
article, especially since it used the 'Memories of Muizenberg' title.
To suggest that this unique village by the seaside has been "usurped in
the affections of many by more modern and discerning destinations such
as Cape Point and Simonstown" ignores what has been the attraction of
Muizenberg to generations of Jews. Despite changes in fortune, the
Muizenberg community survives, and during the "Season", holiday makers
still flock to the tiny Synagogue which is bursting to capacity, as
for several weeks between 400 and 500 country members throng there to
experience the "Ruach" that pervades its walls.

The article mistakenly refers to Rabbi Isaac Jacob Frank (see;cantors/frank_ij/index.htm),
who was never Rabbi to the community of the Muizenberg Synagogue,
although he performed many and varied services. In the article cited,
the author, Basil Frank of Jerusalem, errs in claiming that his
grandfather was "Rav and Chasan of the Muizenberg Synagogue for fifty

In 1924 Rev E S Walt was appointed to act as Rabbi to the community
and at the same time Rev I J Frank, who spoke no English, was
appointed Baal Teffilah and Schochet. When the need arose, Rev Frank
also performed the services of the Chasan. He served the community
faithfully till he passed away at the age of 87 in 1965, a noble
period of 40 years. In the intervening years many clergymen,
including several Rabbis, ministered to the community. The longest
serving of these was Rabbi Dr J Weinberg >from 1948 - 1961.

For those ex-Muizenbergers or friends of Muizenberg who may have
missed the opportunity to be included in the Exhibition, I am
presently writing the book, tentatively titled, "The Shtetl by the
Sea", and I would love to hear >from them and to receive further
memoirs or photographs of historic interest.

from Hedy I Davis,

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