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Marcy Greene

Just wondering if you know anybody who may have lived in Taurage (Tavrig),Lithuania
before or during World War Two and are still alive in South Africa,Israel,the U.S.
or elsewhere that I may be able to speak with,who may remember some of my family,
the Reichmans and Shlomovitzs,who perished in Taurage in 1941 during the Holocaust.
Thank you everybody for taking the time to read my e-mail and looking forward to
hearing >from you when you get a chance.
All the best,
David Feder

Reichman in Taurage(Tavrig),Kvedarna(Chweidan),Jurbarkas(Yurberg),Panevezys in Lithuania
Cheknovski(Cekanauskas) in Kvedarna(Chweidan) in Lithuania
Shlomovitz in Taurage(Tavrig),and Kvedarna(Chweidan) in Lithuania
Kaplinski in Taurage(Tavrig) and Laukuva in Lithuania

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