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Saul Issroff

"The story of the Settlement" is now available as an e-book.
Complete title reads as follows: "The Story of the Settlement, with a
sketch of Grahamstown as it was and Grahamstown as it is: together
with a list of the original Dutch and Huguenot Settlers and of the
British Settlers of 1820 and their wives and children".

As is evident >from this rather long title, the book is more than just
a list of names of Settlers (although it includes that as well). The
book comprises of the following 16 chapters:
- Grahamstown: "The City of the Settlers"
- First discovery and early history of the Cape
Appendix A contains a list of the settler names, ages etc,
Appendix B comprises of a poem "The Landing of the Settlers" by A
Wilmot, in commemoration of the Settler's Jubilee in 1870
A series of great drawings/illustrations are included as well.

Further info is available on the website.
Price (including postage) is R130 (Aus$22, =A313, Euro 16, US$22).

Saul Issroff
I don't have any commercial interest in this.

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