"A Commercial Directory of the Jews of the United Kingdom" #galicia

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

For those of you who had family in the United Kingdom and its
colonial possessions in 1894, please see my latest article on the
JewishGen Blog. It describes the 1894 "A Commercial Directory of
the Jews of the United Kingdom" and how this resource may be
utilized to the best advantage by researchers.

Please go to: http://www.jewishgen.blogspot.com

You should also look in this resource for your family names even
if you do not think you had relatives in the United Kingdom. You
may be surprised to find family branches in this compendium that
you did not know about. For instance, it especially has
rabbinical names as well as synagogue names, addresses and

In addition, there are many Galitzianers, particularly >from
Poland, who can be found in the directory. There is mention of
ethnic synagogues, i.e. the Polish Synagogue and its officers in
London. And, I mention some families who are >from Poland who
settled in Wales such as the Wartskis. My family, >from Drohobycz,
Ukraine, is found in the directory in Manchester, for instance.

Ann Rabinowitz

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