Re: Cherkov Hasidim - Boryslaw #galicia

Alexander Sharon

David Scriven wrote

I recently received the translation of a book in which it states
that my great-grandfather David Russ was a (the?) leader of the
Cherkov Hasidim in Boryslaw, ca 1900.

So, two questions - who were the Cherkov Hasidim (followers of a
particular Rabbi?; I've googled and found a R. David Moshe from
Cherkov). Second, would they have kept any records that might
have survived? - which could, perhaps, give me more insight into
the life of my great-grandfather.

"Cherkov" is a distorted name of town Chortko'w.
For Chortkov and Zlotopol-Chortkow Hasidic dynasty, please refer
to the dynasty' Rabbis at:

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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