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Ann Rabinowitz

A few additional tidbits regarding the Kesselson name which was inquired about.
It was spelled in various ways such as Kaselson, Kasrielson, etc., in Kupiskis.
It was not spelled Kesselson which must have been a later adaptation of the

The special thing about the family was that the grandfather Shmuel-Girsh, who
was born in 1835, was murdered by peasants on August 7, 1880 in the village of
Givakory. It was sometimes the case that Jewish peddlers or those with stores
were murdered for their goods or even their horse and carts and it is possible
to find the police records and court cases brought against the murderers in the
Lithuanian Archives if you have the exact date of death.

Shmuel-Girsh had two sons, Isser-Shmuel (or Isser-Josel) and
Shlioma-Noakh. Isser-Shmuel's wife was the daughter of Mendel Birger (Berger)
who lived to be the oldest man in Kupiskis at 123 or so. Both brothers had a
number of children.

Ann Rabinowitz

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