South Africa SIG #SouthAfrica Cape Town / Muizenberg : Seeking descendants of Isaac RABINOWITZ & Rachel PALEVSKY #southafrica


Dear South Africa SIG members,

A single member of my extended PALEVSKY family immigrated to South
Africa with her RABINOWITZ husband, while the rest of her family
immigrated to the United States, Canada and Israel. For years, I've
been trying to locate more information about this couple and their
descendants, and I finally have a lead -- I found their gravestones on
the new Cape Town Jewish Cemeteries website.

I could use assistance with next steps -- I'm ultimately hoping to get
in contact with living descendants of this family. If they were in the
U.S., I would know exactly how to proceed -- U.S. census records, death
records, city directories, next-of-kin >from cemetery, etc. However, I
don't know what comparable resources are available for South Africa.

Here's what I currently know:

* Rachel died in 1931, Isaac died in 1947.
* Both are buried at Muizenberg Cemetery in Cape Town:
* Both gravestones mention children & grandchildren (in general - not
by name).

I emailed the contacts for the cemetery website a while back to ask if
their records have next-of-kin and if they can provide that
information. However, I did not receive a response to my request.

I have also searched the South Africa archives website and did actually
come across some records that may be for this family, but I would need
to do an international wire transfer to purchase the records. So I'd
like to see if any other options are available to me that don't require
the added expense of a wire transfer.

Perhaps someone on this list actually knows the family? :-)

Short of that, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Elise Friedman
Boca Raton, Florida, USA

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