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David Slater


I am researching three WASILKOVSKY sisters >from Bialystok, one of whom
settled in Mossel Bay, South Africa.

My ggm Zelda WASILKOVSKY married Morris KRAUZE in Bialystok in 1878 (married
surname changed to Goldstein in U.S.) and settled in NYC.

The second sister Esther WASILKOVSKY married Benjamin WEISS in Bialystok in
1885 and settled in Newark, NJ.

The third sister [first name unknown] married a man whose surname was SUSSEL
[first name unknown] in Bialystok [yr unknown] and settled in Mossel Bay,
South Africa.

Apparently there were several SUSSEL brothers who settled in, or around,
Mossel Bay. I'd be most interested in any leads or information as to best
ways of researching South African documents.


David Slater
Atlanta, GA, USA

Researching: WASHILKOVSKY, SUSSEL, WEISS, KRAUZE, FIXEL - Bialystok, Poland
MEIROVITZ - Slonim, Belarus
SCHLACHTER, DROBIS, BARON - Kovarsk, Lithuania
SIMONSOHN (Simson in US) - Riga, Latvia

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