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Saul Issroff

Keren Setton <setton.keren@...> wrote:

I am Keren Setton, and I am currently coordinating the Habonim Dror
Southern Africa History Project >from the Cape Town HDSA offices. About
a year ago, Leila Emden was coordinating the Habonim Dror SA History
Project (She may have been in touch with a few of you), however after
a few months she moved onto a full time job, having to leave the
History Project. I am currently following up on the work she did, as
well as continuing with th collection of memorbilia.

For those of you who don't know, the project has exciting end goals,
including a small museum/exhibition that will be built on the Onrus
campsite, which will tell the history of Habonim in Southern Africa
and serve as an educational tool to the channichim. The project also
aims to create an online platform that will digitize and archive the
history of HDSA for future generations, and connect HDSA ex chaverim
from around the world.
We have quite a bit of material in the Cape Town office already, much
of which I still need to sort through. Leila also collected a bit of
material when she was working, but a lot of people pledged material
which still hasn't been donated.

However, we are still collecting photos, documents, books, posters,
chulzot, camp merchandise, old uniforms, accessories, pamphlets,
chomer, newspaper clippings, articles, stories, videos and any other
memorabilia related to Habonim Dror Southern Africa. The project plans
to digitize all donations, and to return all original items to their
owners in a turn around time of a month. If you have memorabilia,
photographs, essays, research regarding the History of Habonim Dror in
Southern Africa, please contact me about adding to our collection.

Habonim Dror has had such an impact of thousands of South Africans, by
adding your experiences of the movement to this collection it will
greatly enrich Habonim Dror's history for future generations.

I look forward to hearing >from you and appreciate any contribution and
assistance you can make to preserve Habonim's amazing history.

Best wishes

Keren Setton <setton.keren@...>

Sent by Saul as Keren could not do plain text. My comment, this
obviously includes Bnei Zion!

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