South Africa SIG #SouthAfrica Re: SILBER/SILBERT in Boer War #southafrica

Saul Issroff

A Micheal Silber is noted as a POW guard in David Saks' book "Jews in
the Boer War.". The lists there were compiled by late chief rabbi
Louis Rabinowitz and are incomplete.

Start with the online database of the South African National Archives.
You can write to the Defence Force archives in Pretoria.

Saul Issroff

Subject: SILBER/SILBERT in Boer War
: Joel Hayflick <joel_hayflick@...>
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2015
I have heard that my GGF Solomon Eliezer SILBER and his brother Lewis
SILBERT fought in the Boer war. Are there records existing of those who
fought in this conflict?


Joel Hayflick
Palo Alto, CA USA

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