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Elena Bazes

Since 2011 the Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) has been
building databases of which 15% deal with immigration to Eretz Israel.
This includes 152,169 listings.

IGRA has been working together with many archives and organizations to
enable genealogists to have access to these records via the IGRA

In honor of Aliyah Day, October 27, 2017, IGRA is proud to present
The Immigration Collection:

Immigration before World War I

1) List of Immigrants 1882 Zichron Ya'akov

Immigration after World War I (1919)

1) The Ruslan -- One of the first ships to bring immigrants >from Russia
to Eretz Israel after WWI.

2) Zionist convicts >from the Soviet Union, 1924-1934 (>from the book
"Exiled to Palestine")

3) Farmers >from Galicia requesting Aliyah 1935

4) Marriage Certificates-British Mandate period (includes reference to
the country of origin)

5) Government publication of name changes -- British Mandate period
(includes reference to the country of origin)

6) Various immigrant lists

Immigration during World War II

1) Various immigrant lists and/or requesting immigration 1942

2) Book of Army Volunteers, members of the Histadrut in British Army
WWII (includes reference to the country of origin and year of

Immigration after World War II

1) Swiss Aliyah requests 1948

2) Aliyah requests >from Hungary 1947 -- 1,210 youths

3) Aliyah candidates >from Hungary 1947 -- Approximately 34,000 adults

4) Various lists dealing with immigration and request for immigration

Illegal Immigration

1) Deportation of children on the S.S. Tiger Hill by the British 1939

2) Deportation of the S.S. Marsis by the British 2 July 1939

3) Illegal immigrants deported to Mauritius with Free State Danzig Passports

4) Refugees in Mauritius who considered themselves citizens of the
Free City of Danzig

5) Refugees in Mauritius who considered themselves Polish Nationals

6) Various illegal immigrant lists, including those at the Atlit
Detention Camp

7) Deportation of illegal immigrants on S. S. Partria by the British 1941

Immigration after the Founding of the State of Israel

1) Operation on Eagles Wings (Operation Magic Carpet) 50,000 Yemenite Jews

June 1949 - September 1950

2) Lists of South African Jewish immigrants 1976-1977

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Elena Biegel Bazes
IGRA Publicity Chairperson

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