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I believe I have done all I can online (correct me if I am wrong) to find
sons of Marks Leon COHEN, my great uncle.
Re have found Marks as Mark Leon in Maitland Cemetery 1908. (Moshe Leib)
His widow Esther Dora was found in Muizenberg Cemetery 1927.
Their three daughters all married and moved to Bulawayo.

I have the London JC to thank for a lot of information.

Per 1901 Irish Census the sons were Jacob aged 13 and Solomon aged 12.
Irish births in Cork (where they definitely lived) show Jacob born on 5 Dec
1887 and to the same parents Jacob born on Jan 6 1889.
There are minor doubts but after scouring every Cohen in Ireland I am
satisfied that they are the two boys on the Census.

There might be a Meier, same parents, same maiden name of mother, but in
Belfast. Meier does not appear on the 1901 census.
Strangely someone fitting Meier does indeed appear in a Cape Town
cemetery. Meier ben Moshe Leib Hakohain. Born in 1881 and died3 Sept 1974 at
93 yrs.

I have found a Jacob ben Moshe COHEN, died 1978, aged 80, of Muizenberg,
buried in Pinelands. Grave 15214
I have found a Sophia A bat Yerachmiel COHEN in grave 15213, whom I dare to
assume was his wife. She preceded him in 1971 aged 74 and the tombstones
show this.
Question !
Did anyone know these people ? Or their children? I am not totally convinced
they are the correct relatives.

Question 2
Who is the maven who knew everyone in Muizenberg?

Question 3
I can find only SA Jewish marriages online >from the late 1890s yet I
remember another list possibly of the Great Synagogue online. Can you direct
me to it please.
Question 4.
How do I go about ordering records of deaths, births or marriages in Cape
Town? I have no idea when these b and m events happened.

With many thanks for any help.
Ros Romem

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