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"After about 1960, records are kept at the various offices of the Master of
the Supreme Court in major cities."

The estates files in the Cape Town Archives go up to the end of 1960, as far
as I am aware.

The estates file in the National Archives in Pretoria go up to the end of
1974 (i. e. estates reported to the Master up to the end of 1974.)

I have made databases of the following estates which are online care of the
LDS (Latter Day Saints):

Cape Town: 1974

Transvaal: 1951 - up to number 1786/1951 (the files disappeared when the LDS
reformatted its website recently)
1955-60. This is not of all the files for these years. Sometimes there are
files online which are not listed & sometimes files that are listed as being
online but are not online. (I won't go into the files that are incorrectly
listed or were copied in reverse order, etc.!)

Louis Zetler

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